Go Green on the Golf Course with Bamboo Tees

Go Green on the Golf Course with Bamboo Tees

Golf may be seen as a relaxing walk in nature, but the sport comes with an environmental cost. The plastic, metal, and wooden tees left behind on courses contribute to landfill waste. But eco-conscious golfers in the UK now have a sustainable solution – bamboo golf tees.

Why Choose Bamboo Tees?

Bamboo golf tees offer golfers a strong, durable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional tees. Here’s why bamboo is the ideal material:

  • Biodegradable and compostable – Unlike plastic and metal, bamboo tees will break down naturally over time without leaving toxins behind. No more discarded tees littering the landscape.
  • Sustainable resource – Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants, reaching maturity in just a few years without need for pesticides. It’s a highly renewable material.
  • Reduces waste – Bamboo tees can be used multiple times before breaking down. Not only does this save money, but it reduces the number of tees ending up in landfills.
  • Strong and durable – Well-made bamboo tees are sturdy enough to withstand repeated drives without splintering or snapping easily. They provide consistency shot after shot.
  • Naturally non-toxic – No chemicals are used in processing bamboo into tees. They won’t contaminate courses or groundwater when they decompose.

Bamboo Tees for Every Golfer

Bamboo golf tees are available in a range of sizes and designs to suit every golfer’s needs:

  • Standard tees from 54mm to 83mm long for drivers, woods, hybrids, irons, wedges. The 70mm size works well for most full shots.
  • Oversized tees up to 110mm for driving ranges or tee boxes where broken tees are common. The extra length provides more stability.
  • Castle tees with three prongs allow wood and hybrid shots to sit up on the crown for better launch and reduced friction.
  • Signature striped tees in fun colors like orange, green or pink for easy identification. The stripes also indicate break points for re-use.
  • Colored tees help differentiate player tee boxes and add a pop of color to the course.

Assorted bamboo golf tees

Buying Bamboo Tees in the UK

When shopping for bamboo golf tees in the UK, look for:

  • Tees made from 100% bamboo – some cheap versions mix in plastic or wood pulp. Check labels.
  • Premium quality construction – smoothly cut bamboo with no splinters. Proper curing prevents cracking or checking.
  • Reputable eco-friendly brands like Castle Tees that focus on sustainability.
  • Reasonable prices – bamboo tees cost just pennies more than plastic options. Buy in bulk packs of 100 to 1000 tees to save.
  • Free UK delivery on large orders, saving hassle and shipping costs.
  • Good reviews from other UK golfers. The top brands earn high marks for quality and performance.

Using Bamboo Tees on the Course

Bamboo golf tees give you the same great performance as wooden tees:

  • Insert tees straight into the ground for proper stability – don’t angle them. Press down firmly with your finger to secure.
  • Place the ball slightly above center on the tee – too high and it may fly erratically. Too low reduces lift.
  • Adjust tee height for each club. Use taller tees of 70-83mm for drivers and fairway woods. Shorter tees around 54mm work for irons.
  • Re-use tees until they break or splinter. Check for cracks or damage after each shot. Rotate to a fresh side or tee if needed.
  • Remove broken tops so remaining tee sections can still be used. Tuck pointed ends into the ground when re-using partial tees.
  • Carry a tee in your pocket to repair divots or muddy ball marks. Bamboo tees are perfect for on-course repairs.
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The Environmental Impact

By switching to bamboo golf tees, golfers can make a real difference:

  • Over 500 million wooden tees are manufactured annually for golf in the US alone. Many end up as waste.
  • Plastic tees take over 500 years to decompose. Metal tees never degrade – they leach into soil and waterways.
  • Bamboo tees can reduce waste by 80% since they are reusable and will break down naturally when damaged.
  • Widespread bamboo tee adoption would eliminate millions of pounds of golf tee waste yearly.
  • Courses using bamboo tees cut down on maintenance costs for collecting discarded tees and filling divots.

Making a small change like switching tee materials can have a big collective impact. As golfers, it’s our responsibility to leave the course better than we found it. Bamboo tees enable us to enjoy the sport while protecting the environment for future generations.

The Takeaway

Bamboo golf tees give you an affordable, high performance option that happens to be sustainable as well. With so many styles and sizes available, it’s easy to find the right bamboo tees to meet your needs while reducing waste and your carbon footprint. Ready to make the switch? Check out our top recommended bamboo tee brands in the UK to get started on your eco-friendly golf journey today.