Introducing Golf Pride’s New Reverse Taper Putter Grips: Enhance Your Stroke and Achieve a Squarer Putter Face

Golf Pride Unveils New Range of Reverse Taper Putter Grips

Key Points:

  • Golf Pride has introduced the Stroke Enhancement Collection, featuring an all-new range of Reverse Taper putter grips.
  • The Reverse Taper design stabilizes both hands during the putting stroke, promoting a squarer putter face at impact.
  • The grip features a slim upper hand section and gradually wider lower hand section, along with a soft feel and enhanced tacky texture.
  • Through testing, Golf Pride found that the Reverse Taper technology delivers a 15% squarer putter face at impact compared to a parallel grip.
  • The Reverse Taper collection offers three unique shapes and two sizes, providing options for various preferences.
  • The new grips will be available for purchase and fitting from February 2024.

According to Golf Pride’s Global Product Manager, Bruce Miller, the all-new Reverse Taper putter grips are designed to stabilize both hands and help golfers achieve a squarer putter face at impact. By highlighting the importance of the hands and grip relationship, Golf Pride aims to help golfers perform at their best. The Reverse Taper technology, through player testing and consumer insights, delivers a 15% squarer putter face at impact compared to a parallel grip. This means that by utilizing the Reverse Taper grips, golfers have a better chance of returning the putter face square to their target line. The collection includes three distinct shapes and two user-friendly sizes to cater to individual preferences. Golfers can look forward to purchasing and getting fitted for these new grips starting in February 2024.

I must admit that these Reverse Taper putter grips seem like a game-changer for golfers. Not only do they provide a stabilizing effect on the hands during the putting stroke, but they also promote a squarer putter face at impact. With its unique design and enhanced texture, these grips offer both functionality and a comfortable feel. The testing and research conducted by Golf Pride showcase the effectiveness of the Reverse Taper technology, giving golfers confidence in their putting game. I can’t wait to see how golfers will benefit from these innovative grips and improve their performance on the green!

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