Motocaddy Cube 2021 [review]

The simple S1 design combines fresh new styling with a high-resolution, low-glare LCD screen. It also has ergonomic soft-touch handles and a clog-free front wheel housing, making it run smoothly off-road. New features include adjustable distance controls and USB charging ports to make the most of your technology while you play. The quick folding mechanism ensures that you can efficiently pack and open the S1. There is no need to remove the battery if it looks too weak, and it comes complete with an onboard charger.

The first thing that you notice about the Motocaddy Cube when you receive it is how compact it folds in. This is an aluminium push golf trolley that can be folded down to a compact size. The Cube weighs 6.8 kg and has a well-placed carrying handle that makes it easy to carry when folded.

Motocaddy Cube Weight & Functionality

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The compact collapsible cube trolley is light and compact and features a simple two-stage folding system and sports new graphite frames and wheels that are oversized and friction-free, making manoeuvring on the golf course significantly easier.

Cube Storage Options

There are a number of different storage options including an under-grip net, beverage and scorecard holders, accessory console, umbrella storage space and replacement handle for tee balls. The bag can be seated or held with adjustable bag supports at the top and bottom. Motocaddy’s Trolley Cube is compatible with its Easilock bag and trolley connection system, eliminating the need for a lower bag belt.

If you have ever driven your car around a bend or sprinted with it (and I’m not lying, we did), you will know that excellent foot brakes are an important feature. Combine the Motocaddy Cube with a MotoCaddy golf bag and you are ready to tackle any terrain with flying colours. The oversized wheels are made of solid rubber and maintenance-free, so you can drive the golfing trolley anywhere without fear.

Adjustable Cube Grips

The adjustable cube grips make the trolley suitable for golfers of all heights and the Easy-Lock connection system means that you don’t need a lower strap if you have a moto caddy bag. Additional supports can be attached to make them compatible with bags from other brands. Oversized wheels and rubber tires help him navigate different terrain effortlessly, and foot locking brakes ensure that he is not chased on an undulating course.

Warranty Info

The standard Motocaddy warranty covers purchases made in America and the use of trolleys and chargers in America. Fracture caused by accidental damage due to misuse or misuse of the set, as per the relevant instructions and commercial use are not covered. The trolley and charger are covered by a 24-month warranty from the date of purchase.

Motocaddy trolleys are guaranteed for 24 months from the date of purchase. During the warranty period if you experience a problem with your trolley, battery or charger, please contact the vendor so that they can resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Motocaddy is one of the best options when it comes to trolleys, with a winning combination of reliable quality and ease of use. Under the name Motocaddy, it makes sense that the company is known for producing some of the best electric cars on the market, as we saw with M5 GPS last year. Electric golf trolleys are often more expensive than their manual cousins due to the additional technology and mechanics as well as the lightweight and super-powerful lithium batteries.

The days of sliding with metal handles and frames are gone; the best golf trolleys are as high-tech as their electric golf trolley cousins. But the foundations of a rugged, reliable and easy-to-use trolley are alive and kicking in their manual trolleys.

The Motocaddy Cube offers you the best overall support and stability of all three. The bonus features you get with it include three different handles heights, ball and tee holders, accessory compartments, scorecard holders, cup holders and umbrella holders. Sliding a trolley, especially an electric golf trolley, is considered beneficial to your performance and your body.

The latest Cube 4.0, the smallest and most traditional of the trolleys, offers a fresh graphite frame and new-look wheels and offers a variety of storage options, including a snack net, beverage and scorecard holders, accessory console, umbrella holder and spare tee-ball attachment space. The MotoCaddy Cube is available with a new lime trim that has been added to the red and blue options.

In Conclusion

The items look smart and in our opinion, it’s nice to find a black or blue model that fits my club bag. Some prefer to keep their valuable net and rangefinder on the console, but there is no right way to use space. It is a good first step towards a more enjoyable push-cart experience if you do not have to bother with annoying parking.

The Cube in action