Motocaddy M5 GPS

Founded in 2004, Motocaddy has brought good design and built-in functionality to golfers of all ages with the ability to provide a reliable and affordable golf trolley. The Bluetooth-free Motocaddy GPS app Trolley Connect offers a wide range of smartphone notification including missed calls, text messages, emails and a wide range of in-app notifications such as WhatsApp and Facebook. If you require a call or SMS notification, the car will talk to your phone and forward it to the screen for operation.
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Who is the M5 for?

The M5 GPS DHC is perfect for golfers looking for an intelligent, compact trolley with the latest GPS technology. Detail Motocaddy M5 GPS DHC Electric Caddy with integrated GPS and touchscreen Blackened compact, easy-to-fold M5 gps DHC Electric Caddy offers integrated GPS in a super-responsive 3.5 -inch touchscreen display. The compact and easy to fold M5 Caddy offers integrated GPS with built-in Super Responsibility Splay.

The GPS Screen

The GPS touchscreen display can be used in all weather conditions and can be controlled with gloves (available in the DHC version) to ensure optimal control and maintain constant speed and ride. The M5 GPS is available in 18 or 36 hole battery and downhill brake models as well as the m5 GPS DHC. Motocaddy’s previous GPS trolley, the M5, was connected to the need for a smartphone GPS chip to power the system, but that need not be the case here.

The 28-inch high-resolution LCD touchscreen provides fast and accurate data from an integrated GPS processor and provides distance, front, middle, green and hazard information from over 40,000 courses in the world. The ultimate Motocaddy Golf Club mode of transport features a high-resolution 28 screen display that connects via Bluetooth to the MotoCaddy GPS app to receive notifications and course updates.

The screen is visible in all weather conditions, can be controlled without gloves in all conditions and the H4 has power at the fingertips (H4 / P ). With over 40,000 preset course distances to front, centre and back of the green plus hazards it offers the ability to move flag positions for precise shooting preparation. In addition to a clock and a round timer to track the pace of the game, it also includes shot measurements. This amazing kit gives you the ability to move the position of the flags to give you the most accurate yardage information.

There is a clock, a round timer, a score tracking function when you are at eye level for the hole you are playing, an ad hoc stroke index, shot distance measurement, automatic hole conveyance and a battery counter.

Electronic notifications

If you want to receive notifications (SMS, missed calls, WhatsApp and Facebook updates), you can pair the trolley to your smartphone via the free MotoCaddy app via Bluetooth. This takes about a minute and all you have to do is pair it up and connect. From the home screen, by measuring the shot distance and entering your score, you go through a seamless process.

Equipped with Motocaddy’s “premium DHC technology the trolley maintains constant speed while driving thanks to a special motor which takes over brakes along with an electronic parking brake. As the industry leader, the M5 offers built-in Wi-Fi and super-fast transmission system updates. The m5 can indicate the availability and location of an AED course and can give golfers CPR instructions to administer to a cardiac arrest.

Shows you where AEDs are located

With the potential to save lives, the trolley can also display the availability and location of AEDs on the course and give golfers CPR instructions to administer to anyone suffering cardiac arrest. The GPS trolley M5 is crammed with features not found anywhere else in the world, with a touchscreen gauge as part of the device.

A flexible distance control, 60-yard / meter USB charging port, tool-free adjustment of handle height and compatibility with the breakthrough Easilock bag / trolley connectivity system are also included. The car has a high-resolution 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen display with built-in high-performance GPS, which has 40,000 pre-installed track details (front-to-center distance, green hazards, etc.). Adjustable distance control, 60-foot / meter USB charger ports, oversize tube for ultimate grip stability, tool-free handle height adjustment, easilock compatibility and other play-enhancing features are included.

The popular compact fold-out M7 remote features a rechargeable handset, removable antitip rear wheel and automatic control technology for ultimate responsiveness. The smartphone can be put into the pocket of the golf bag and charged via the trolleys “patented USB charging port. The battery can be recharged without having to take it out of the car, which I think is a great idea as the M-Tech car blows the battery away while it is still running.

Whats the interface like?

One of the things about electric trolleys that I’ve often found annoying in recent years is that the user interface can be a bit clunky. Operating buttons on the screen side never seem to work as well as I would have hoped, which means that you end up ignoring some of the features of the car, as it seems too much effort halfway through. There are 9 different speed settings, which is the standard for an electric trolley, and it takes a bit of trial and error to find the happy medium in which it moves and pulls you at breakneck speed.

When we originally heard earlier this year that Motocaddy and Powakaddy, two of the biggest brands of trolleys on the British market, were introducing touchscreen GPS devices for their electric scooters, we were intrigued.

Motocaddy has unveiled the world’s first touchscreen electric trolley as the flagship model of its 2020 range. The M5 has an integrated GPS system with computing power similar to that of a modern smartphone, enabling golfers to play up to 40,000 pre-installed shots on the course. It has a high-resolution 3.5-inch LCD display that can be controlled without gloves in all weather conditions.

Powakaddy and Motocaddy own between 90 and 98 per cent of the electric golf trolley market in the UK, depending on who you listen to. To find out which is best for today’s golfers, the team pitted the two brands against each other over several rounds, scoring 10 out of four categories that must be considered when purchasing an electric golf trolley. The PowaKaddy FX7 GPS and MotoCaddy M5 GPS electric golf trolleys are the top-rated brands in the 2020 top model range.

In conclusion

Motocaddy has four new models for 2020, including its flagship touchscreen M5 GPS. There are 18-hole and 36-hole battery options, Electronic Brake (EBS), 3.5-inch touchscreen and more than 40,000 pre-installed golf courses worldwide.

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