Motocaddy S1 electric golf trolley [review]

In addition to the new features, the new and improved Motocaddy S1 Electric Golf Trolley retains all of its great features, including nine speed settings, battery indicator, whisper-quiet motor, adjustable pocket support and compatibility with the exclusive Easilock (TM) pocket support system to secure the trolley to the bag, eliminating the need for a lower strap. Other features include a two-handed Soft Grip handle, a quick-release wheel, a streamlined battery compartment and a new QuickFold mechanism that folds up the battery charge of previous models without having to remove the battery compartment.

How it functions

The trolley is easy to get in and out of thanks to a quick folding mechanism and features the Easilock bag and trolley fastening system that Motocaddy introduced in 2014 for its entire range of bags. The quick fold mechanism from Companys is a boon for golfers, as pressing a single button in the middle of the frame causes the control arm to slip off the handle, fold or fold the trolley and fix it.

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The S1 is digital and easy to operate and combines switch and speed controller in one button. Stop and start by pressing a dial and it is easy to control the speed with your thumb via the nine speed settings. Turn one of the nine to control the speed setting, and then tap the button to start.

Key Features

New features include adjustable distance control and a USB charging port so you can take advantage of your technology when you play. This advanced distance control enables you to send your car up to 4.5 m in front of you. The trolley also features a Quikfold mechanism with two QuikFold release buttons, making it ready to use in less than 5 seconds.

S1 Warranty info

The Motocaddy S1 Trolley is subject to a comprehensive 2-year warranty from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects. The S1 is the easiest to use trolley in the Motocaddys electric trolley range. The trolley and charger are covered by a 24-month warranty from the date of purchase.

Lithium Batteries

The Motocaddy Lithium batteries are covered by a 5-year pro-rata limited warranty. Please note that the 36-hole battery option will last as long as the 36 holes of the MotoCaddy trolley are in good condition under normal conditions. However, ageing trolleys, adverse course conditions and the weight of the bag can be a factor in how long the battery lasts, and in extreme circumstances, the battery can fade faster than 36 holes.

If Motocaddy fails lithium battery in the third year, the customer will be covered for 50% of the replacement cost if the battery fails in the fourth year for 70% of the replacement cost and if the battery fails before the fifth year for 85% of the replacement cost. If your battery or charger passes our tests but fails due to damage caused by use or misuse, customers are responsible for shipping, handling charge returns and product warranty.

In addition to the features for electric golf trolleys highlighted above, there are other important considerations to consider when comparing Powakaddy and Motocaddy. As Europe’s leading all-electric golf trolley brand MOTOCADDY offers the best workmanship, style, reliability and affordability in the world of electric golf trolleys. They have upgraded the S1 and S3 Pro Trolley in 2016 and are bringing an improved look and proven technology under the hood.

The last thing you want to do is fork out the cash for a golf trolley, only to have it broken within 12 months. Powakaddy offers a 3-year warranty on its golf trolleys, while the Motocaddy trolley comes with a 24-month warranty from the date of purchase. Sales and support have become a big selling point for both brands, so it’s good to know you’re in safe hands when you invest in a golf trolley from either brand.

Why is the S1 so popular?

It is easy to see with all this technology why the S1 has become one of the most popular electric golf carts in the world. It has a clean and robust design, is a powerful trolley, easy to use and easy to store. Below is a comparison of the different Powakaddy brands of Golf Trolley, divided into entry-level, mid-range and flagship models.

The other one we tried had a lot more functionality but was a bit difficult to use. The S1 seems to be one of the best-built trolleys I have ever found, and it is much easier to operate than the others. Long story short, I think the S1 is a great trolley and the price is below the others, but it is still one of my favourites because it is so simple.

The one we tried came with a lithium battery with a quick charge, and it could last 75-100 laps depending on the course and terrain. The first thing I expected was that it would be difficult to do wrinkles and wearing, but it’s actually easier than I thought. You can park it on most hills and it stays on the parking brake, but if you use a steep hill, it will not roll over.

Motocaddy S1 in action