Odyssey putter 2021 [review]

Once upon a time, the name “Odyssey Ten” was not associated with a single putter, but with a line of five $10 putters. The “Ten” model was a member of the Stroke Labs Black Putter line and looked like a bespoke spider. Now we’re looking at a spider-like, tall MOI design from Odyssey that takes the line in a different direction.

If you look at several versions of the new Ten putter, you will see the two iconic white discs that have appeared on so many Odyssey putters since launch two decades ago. The 2-ball version of the putter is easy to align for many golfers, but some golfers do not like the 2-ball alignment system, so all versions of this putter are on the Odyssey Blue, Red and Triple Track alignment rules. The White Hot OG Line, this time a line of five 10 putters instead of ten, features the highest high-tech.

Classics such as the Odyssey 1, Odyssey 7 and the legendary Odyssey 2-ball models are available with White Hot inserts and numerous other fits for golfers “preferred putter styles. The White Hot Insert comes with a rich silver PVD finish on the Putter’s head and fine bbq on the White Hot OG putter surface.

This putter features our legendary White Hot insert (available in continuously variable steel) and a new Red Stroke Labs shaft equipped with our Gray DFX handle. The White Hot OG-1 is our interpretation of the traditional blade design with a cranked tube that gives the putter a significant toe slope to adjust strokes with more face rotation and bow. Shank options can be equipped with a grey rubber handle for a classic look and feel.

They are toe-putters who love golfers because they feel the need to help them with their putting. The toe is designed to move the weight of the toe to produce a shot that is more balanced on the clubface, helping golfers square the putter like a two-ball.

With a full chassis and multi-material technology, Odyssey has developed a weighted putter that provides golfers with the ultimate putting performance. Stroke Labs Putter combines the best of technology and models and is the best white-hot 2-ball model yet. Golfers will find the look of the toe design stronger when testing the stainless steel model, as it offers a unique performance advantage due to the weight of the blade and the shape of the club.

The name White Hot is legendary in golf, and the original White Hot putter made the Odyssey the best putter ever. Toulon Exo and Stroke Labs White Hot 2-ball putters have had success in tournaments around the world, putting them first in percentage terms. Those victories translated into tour feedback, and advanced technology was incorporated into every putter the Odyssey produced.

Odyssey is bringing back the White Hot name and legendary appeal with the 2021 series putters, which combine the feel, sound and performance of the White Hot Putter of yesteryear with today’s technology. The original feel and sound of the old insert remain, but the two-piece urethane insert brings the putter into the 21st century.

Earlier this month, Odyssey Golf announced the return of the popular White Hot to the retro White Hot OG putter line. With an understandable update of the Stroke Lab wave, the only modern Odyssey Golf Advance to be found in the range. Now the script has been turned around with the release of the new Odyssey Ten Putter Line.

The new Odyssey Ten line eliminates any doubt about Odyssey’s continued commitment to advancing putter technology. The new used Odyssey putter can be used as a trusted putter for any play. Buy the new Odyssey putter and you have a fantastic choice for the 2nd swing.

Odyssey is a company that has long been synonymous with developing and manufacturing some of the best putters in the world. The Odyssey accounts for four out of ten putters sold worldwide and 50 per cent of all putters played on the European Tour, with the Odyssey being the No. The two-ball is iconic because it has launched putters with modern Odyssey technology, hitting lab and three-lane technology, but Odyssey is behind Toulon in design and creation.

Odyssey Exo-Rossie is golf’s #1 Putter and we push the boundaries of innovation with one aim in mind – helping golfers make more putts. The Exo Rossie features a double bending hammer for maximum forgiveness, a multi-material construction, a legendary white-hot feeling, and instant rolling and micro-going.